100 things i CRAVE



Knowing what you CRAVE will lead you to a life that is just as beautiful as you dare to imagine. That’s why we urge everyone to start your own i CRAVE list — a list of 100 things that light you up from the inside out. Remember, sometimes it’s the little things in life that move you forward.


Share your own CRAVINGS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and join the #100thingsiCRAVE conversation that keeps on spreading!


We created a kit and developed six separate lists that will stand for different areas of your life. Fill out each list with the top 20 things you love and CRAVE in your life the most.

#100thingsiCRAVE Kit

Download a copy of your kit here!

We promise doing the #100thingsiCRAVE exercise will have you dancing into the light and get you on the road to sweet success! Like Melody found her “marshmallow” we want you to find yours and get to center of the sweetness you CRAVE!


See who completed their #100thingsiCRAVE lists below!

Melody Biringer Tory Johnson Jess Estrada
Shasta Nelson Chantal Pierrat thingsiCRAVE-abi

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